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Those hw/sw men/women ruling in those good' old days: what are they doing now?


Thinking at the TV world, it's not so hard to know what that famous actor, or singer, or showman, is doing now, if he/she's still in the show-business, or not, what's the new activity, etc.

Let's collect in this thread which are the current occupations for the men/women of the past in the computer (hardware/software) business, if they have a site/blog, if they're working on some projects, etc. Please be really concise, do not list everything related: those reading and interested will have enough elements for a deeper search for informations through Google or similar services.

Please suggest whatever "form" to complete fits for your case, but let's try to stick on a shared one after some posts.

Stimulated by an Amiga resemblance thread I can think to this contribution for the start:

name: Carl Sassenrath.
in the old days (mainly): worked as Manager of Operating Systems at a small startup called "Amiga" (yes, the one we all know ;) then for "Apple" at the Advanced Technoloy Group, and lot of interesting stuff.
today (mainly): CTO at REBOL Technologies

name: Melinda French
in the old days: Project Manager for Microsoft Bob
today: Married to Bill Gates


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