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Is it time to move beyond Cygwin/X?

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Cygwin/X hasn't been updated since January 2004. It looks to be dead. What are you folks using these days to connect to an X session from a WinXP box to a *nix box?

I've used starnet X-Win32 in the past, which worked pretty great... but anyway, does cygwin/X suit your need? If so, no need to stop using it just because of versionitis :)

I use nomachine nx

I have a very old version of StarNet XWin-32. I think it is version 4 or something close. I recently got an email that they are up to version 9 with all kinds of bells and whistles and a USB flash drive version. I would love to get it, but I can't justify the price for as little as I use X11.

As Cygwin/X is minimalist, I was curious to know if there is something that is freeware and has more features than Cygwin/X. I should also check out NoMachines NX. I have seen it around, but have not used it myself.

if you just want to use the box as if you were sitting in front of it
you can always use VNC

back when i was still using windows as my main operating system i also used xwin32 which did the job for the most part (some 4 years ago)


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