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Tin Foil Hat Alert: Weather War!


Ralf Maximus:
Got some aluminum foil?  Fashion yourself a beanie and follow me into the murky depths of the US Military's Climatic Warfare program.

Apparently the United States has sought control of the weather since the late 1940's, enlisting the aid of such historical figures as mathemetician John von Neumann.  More recently, the HAARP array in Alaska has been scrutinized as a potential physical manifestation of such research, citing HAARP's incredible 3.9 megawatts of transmitting power -- all into the earth's ionosphere.  What possible use is all this juice squirted skywards?

Research, according to the official HAARP website.  Other, more conspiracy minded folk, speculate that its true purpose is to stimulate and/or disrupt weather systems.  Imagine being able to generate a hurricane at will, or clear the skies over an enemy target.

The truth is, as they say, out there.  And probably somewhere between here and the clouds.

(Image ganked from System 16, serving all your oldschool Atari needs.)

How about heating parts of the atmosphere to create "radar mirrors" for over-the-horizon radar functionality?
(actually that one is documented and freely available info, no secrets there...)

Now, you want a conspiracy about clouds and their hideously evil plots?
Go here.

and don't say I didn't warn you...


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