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CompUSA to close all its stores

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Ralf Maximus:
Do all truckers' rigs look like that?

More pix please!

Good grief, Jim! Do you have a generator onboard just to power all that gear? It must take about 5 minutes to get all that stuff turned on.  :Thmbsup:

Is there a steering wheel in there somewhere??  ;D

Hahaha!!   ;D Glad that you seem to like the (partial) cockpit view. And, no, not all trucks look like that. I'm afraid that I had a bit of a reputation. It's some computer, some Ham Radio, some entertainment and some combinations of the above.

I'd like to convince you that there was NO steering wheel. Just a joystick. But there was one. The better to rest one of the keyboards whilst going down the road.

I did have a generator or, more precisely, and auxiliary power unit for services while parked. The power up was actually more than 5 minutes but the power down aided by a big red switch.

This is all somewhat off-topic here and I don't wish to transgress. But I've been meaning to put some pics on my Google Web Album for some time. Now's a good time to get it done if you care to see more. I'll return with a link.

For anyone interested here are a few more pics of my old girlfriend.

I'd be happy to answer any questions but don't think that this is the right place (Mouser??). Suggestions?


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