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CompUSA to close all its stores

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CompUSA to close all stores

CompUSA has been sold and will close all of its stores after the holidays. I have purchased many items there at our local store and am not pleased to hear about their closing. I have never had any problems with anything in dealing with them and they are a great resource for everything "PC" in my area. I will watch for some great closeout specials at our store.


Gadzooks! It's like loosing a close friend. :rip:

Cant say I am surprised being that they have always been a tad overpriced. They just havent caught on to the whole revolution of the internet. Actually, if I remember correctly, most of their business came from the sale of apple products in their stores. They always had an entire half of the store dedicated to Apple.

Can't say that my experience was the same, Josh. I've had them custom build machines for me when I was driving 18 wheelers. I always bought the service plans and was able to get prompt service whenever I needed it anywhere in the country. I'd just park the truck at the loading dock area, bring the machine in and be seen to right away. They did carry the full range of Apple stuff but I never felt that it was at the expense of the PC line. They seem to have had a full range of parts and goodies and their service was FAR better then the nonsense at Best Buy.
Different strokes, I guess.

Ralf Maximus:
When Microcenter and Frys moved in around here, I suddenly realized how sucky CompUSA was.  Having nothing to compare them to, I'd always assumed slow service, unknowledgable salespeople, and bizarre return policies were the norm.

Can't say I'll miss them.  But when the doors close for good, the bargain hunting should be extraordinary.


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