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CompUSA to close all its stores

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You're probably right. But I'm beginning to hear that Friy's isn't what it used to be in the computer department, either. Shifting focus to other consumer stuff and such. I have no experience with MIcrocenter.

Big Jim - do you have Fry's and CompUSA on the east coast (of Canada) or do you "cross the line" to shop in those stores? Just curious... all we have on the West Coast is Future Shop (which started in Vancouver 20 years ago or so but was bought out by Best Buys at some point).

No, Darwin, neither of those on this side. But I'm a transplanted Texan and veteran of 13 years of navigating just about every road in the US in a big truck so I've sampled a great many of the emporiums.

Ralf Maximus:
My god!  That's the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.

The 80's style millenium falcon ;-) Remember, the original only had monochromatic CRT's.


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