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DONE: Complex HTML Tag Assembler

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Carol Haynes:
Yes, thanks Stefan. PSPad is certainly very nice. It is also worth downloading the TopStyle Lite plugin too. This allows you to edit CSS style sheets from within PSPad from the HTML menu.

I can't see me splashing out for TopStyle Pro (too expensive for me given the little I would use it) but the Lite version is excellent for editing CSS tags and classes.

Note if you are tempted by the Pro version it doesn't integrate with PSPad, only the Lite version. The Pro version does integrate with other tools though (such as FrontPage and DreamWeaver).

Wow.  That looks like quite a powerful little editor!  I'm downloading it now.

Who knows? Perhaps it can replace the power of my current development editor, Arachnophilia?

So, what's with this edtor, PSPad? When I unzip and run it, it is all in Russian, even though the PSPad.ini file says it should be English? Searching the home website, even the forum didn't yield any clues.

i like this idea a lot.. i'm going to think about it a little
it's a bit like the app on this site called "the form letter machine" but with fields and stuff.

stefan i don't understand what you are showing us.. a way to do this already in pspad?
-mouser (October 08, 2005, 08:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

Mouser, you are right, your FormLetterMachine could be easily adapted to do this.


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