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World's Fastest Vista Notebook: The Apple MacBook Pro

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FWIW, she also has a North American built Volksvagen, and swears it's a different car than the VW's she drove in Europe.  So what the regional quality gremlins give, they also take away.
-Ralf Maximus (December 09, 2007, 05:21 PM)
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I can attest that as true. 2 of the WV models are build in Portugal, and i've read several times that different versions of the car are made for different countries, since different countries have different demands.

Hyundai and Samsung used to do this - crap for the Korean market (no competition anyway, courtesy of insane import duties on foreign goods) and better stuff for export. Note that as recently as 17 years ago products by both companies were considered good bang for the buck but service nightmares. My how things have changed! Incidentally, I don't *think* that they're still doing this in the Korean market...


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