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48 Proof Beer: On Sale Soon!

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Ralf apparently. In my honest opinion I couldnt care less about how high the percentage of alcohol is for its the taste that matters
-p3lb0x (December 08, 2007, 02:09 PM)
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* f0dder coughs
"I can see the future! I am Muad'Dib! ...muttering lottery numbers...". Sorry :P
-f0dder (December 08, 2007, 05:33 PM)
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I know nothing of what f0dder just said *cough cough*

Disclaimer: I'm a very mean and evil person. Not only do I get my kiddo brother drunk in Whiskey & Coke, I make fun of him in forums. Sorry :-[

I've had beer that was either 25% or 27% --- I forget now as it was so long ago. But it was from Belgium, and yes... It was pure evil!  :rip: :onfire: :stars:

Reading the article:

Sam Adams Utopias MMII, which goes on sale this month, is in fact 24% alcohol by volume, making it the strongest commercial beer in the world.
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Not a doubt there. The beer I had was in the "Vintages" section of the liquor store. Most likely a small batch and not really what you'd call "commercial" in the sense of mass production.

I couldn't drink the stuff. I split it with 2 other people!

Ralf Maximus:
Read any of the comments on the beer forum at the original link?  They're split between "that's gotta taste nasty" and "meh"... kind of like here.  And that's a BEER forum.

I have no idea what sick game Sam Adams is playing at.  A 24% alcohol product would be something you'd expect from the Gomez Addams brewery, but whatever... clearly there's a market for it since all the 21% beer got snatched up before.

Personally, my interest tops out well below 7% since thats when it starts tasting like beer with a dash of solvent. 


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