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IDEA: Find pics in required orientation on PC for digital frame

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Okay try this one...

1. Extract the archive.
2. Set the folders and options in the settings.txt file.
3. Double click on imagefinder.exe

I had a folder on my desktop called Test and copied the two files you had in the zip into it. I created a folder called Temp on the root of C drive and this is the settings file I used:

--- ---folder=./
copytofolder=C:/Temp/I then ran the exe file but nothing copied to C:\Temp.
Any reason why it is not working?

Test contains landscape jpg files right?

Oh I think the extensions might be case sensitive. Are the files .JPG? If they are, try changing the extension option to JPG. If that's the problem I can make them case insensitive...

There were both landscape and portrait pics - I made sure there were both types - I wanted to see how it worked! I will check the Case option and see what I can do.
Edit: The script seems to run okay and I checked the case option and it works if the correct case option is selected. It might be quite handy to have the case option a user choice in the settings file. Wow, so glad that it works - I am sure it is gonna save me a few hours! :D
By the way, how would I change the settings file if my Temp folder is on the desktop? Would it need quotes to go around the file locations?
Edit: I just tried it with and without quotes and it seems to work without the quotes.
Is there anyway that the dialog box can close automatically (or a user option in settings if you would prefer to keep the Ctrl+C choice to close) once it is complete?
And another one: Is it possible that the folder can be created automatically if it doesn't exist?

The program works right? What was the problem with the Test folder?

No quotes. I'll add the Ctrl-C option and the folder creation.


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