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Tinman57 - I think the issue is more that using reg cleaners is an enterprise best entered into with EXTREME caution. I've given up on them (and RAM optimizers) as being more trouble than they are worth.

Still, I'm glad that you are using one successfully. I can only assume that you are very conscienttious about vetting the changes that a regsitry cleaner decides are necessary for your system and throw some of the suggestions out? What cleaner do you use, by the way?

How do I renew my License/Subscription? Once the one year subscription period is over, you will have to re-purchase the software.
--- End quote ---

personally i find this outrageous and i completely agree with you tinman with your comment:

If I had of seen this subscription notice I would have thought it would be for future updates.
--- End quote ---

if a company wants to charge for major updates, fine.  i have no problem with that.
and if an antivirus company wants to charge a yearly subscription to get the latest antivirus definitions, fine again.

but to make a local desktop program like this STOP WORKING after a year and make you buy another subscription -- i would run as fast as i could away from such a company.  not cool.

It appears that the members of this forum have, by and large, had negative experiences of registry cleaners, tinman, Ive used them now with nothing but positive results for quite a while, JV16 and registry mechanic (i got it free off a magazine lol).   I hope you can sort out the problems you are having, if they are going to have that sort of charging it should be in nice big letters on the main page so it cant be missed.

Ralf Maximus:
I just go on, day by day, registry accumulating stuff like Katamari Damacy and don't worry about it until something breaks.  But I *have* used registry cleaners in the past when fixing things -- sometimes it's the only way short of a reinstall.

But running one on a schedule?  Nah.  Just not something I worry about.

Yeah... I've actually spent a fortune on registry cleaners and still have Registry Medic installed, but rarely use it and only VERY judiciously.

I haven't exactly had negative experiences with registry cleaners, it's more that I have come to appreciate how cautiously they should be used - simply scanning and accepting changes (deletions usually but sometimes re-directions) is asking for trouble down the road - broken links, apps that will no longer run, "un-registration"/de-activation of applications, Active-X components and dlls messed up, help files missing, uninstallation paths wiped out, etc.).

Re: the actual point of this thread, I think it is absolutely disgusting to charge an end-user for the privilege of continuing to use a desktop application.

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