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IDEA: Connected to Network Notification Window

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Ralf Maximus:
I wrote a little something.  Take a look at this:

Enter an IP address and hit the Ping button to begin checking at 1 second intervals.  If there's a response to the ping, the graphic turns green.  Otherwise it remains greyed out.  Click the button again to stop the process.

This is a proof of concept -- if it works for you, let me know what you want it to look like and any additional features (configurable ping times, etc).


Although I have no way to test in the live environment at the moment, I think that it would certainly work!

The only thing is, these guys don't know squat about an IP addy.  They'll be trying to put their name or their SSN in there or something!  Would it be possible to hard code the IP address or give me like an admin configurability area so I can set and if necessary, change the IP (even just letting me control settings and options in an .ini file or something would be cool).  Configurable ping times would be nice too, perhaps also in an ini file if you go that route.  Also, not sure whether it would be better for it to start pinging when the program is started in addition to letting the user start and stop it or not.  This is something that I would be tempted to set up as a startup item so it automatically runs, if the program was set up that way.  Again, maybe a switch I can set in an ini or an admin backend.  If any of this is too much, I understand.  The fact you made a program for me is great as it is!

EDIT:  The more I think about it, some type of external configuration file would be great (if it is possible) since this will be deployed to many remote users.  That way I don't have to touch each machine and alter settings, I can just push out a new config file remotely or just drop a new file in off of a thumb drive and be done in a few seconds.

Thanks Ralf!

Ralf Maximus:
Glad you like it.

As I said, this is just a proof-of-concept.  If the networking part actually works as advertised, then I'll be happy to pile on the goodies.   Go try it out when you can and report back.  If it passes, then I'll add:

- .INI file to configure IP address, ping interval, and auto-start.

- Lock the IP box so it doesn't change accidently.  (Double-click to unlock?).

- Screen position saved between sessions.  If somebody drags it into a particular corner, it should stay there.

- Some kind of minor animation whenever it's actually pinging, to indicate it's not dead.

- Display of the last time it successfully pinged ("Aw crap, I've been offline for 10 minutes!").

Aside from making it play MP3 files, I'm open to just about anything.  Just lemme know!

Super ideas Ralf, if they are easy, I like all of them!  I will test it out in a car Monday and report back.  It certainly works here on my home network.  And, if you think of anymore ideas in the meantime I'd love to hear them and I will be thinking as well!

Thanks again,

Ralf Maximus:
New version, Pingy v1.1 that has all the features suggested above. 

Run it once to create a pingy.ini configuration file, then edit it to change the IP address and Interval (in seconds).  Set Interval=0.5 to ping twice a second, etc.  Double-clicking the IP box allows entry of a new address for testing, but does not update the pingy.ini file -- this is by design, to prevent trash from getting in there by accident.

Set AutoStart=1 to have Pingy begin pinging as soon as it starts.

Please let me know if it works for you, David!


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