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IDEA: Connected to Network Notification Window

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Congrats Ralf, that's great work!
I love the icon :D

Hi Ralf!

I tested your latest version and it works superbly! I got the IP that I needed set and also the default screen position I want it to come up in (I know they may change it and it will change the INI but at least it starts off where I want it to!) and once I did that I created an Inno installer (hope that was OK) with the INI already built.  The installer minimizes my time and intervention by putting it in program files and I get desktop and startup shortcuts etc.  It has worked out perfectly. So far I have put it on 4 cars and the guys are really happy with it and what it does.

Cant thank you enough!


Ralf Maximus:
W00t!  Glad to help.  And no problem with creating an installer -- do with it as you will.



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