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48 Proof Beer: On Sale Soon!

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was thinking IPA rings a bell somewhere...

google found me this..
The International Phonetic Alphabet now has its own beer!

but of course now I remember - I drank it on holiday in Canada actually -
it made it to india but not to ireland...
[for those who dont know it's india pale ale - sent out to india keep the colonists happy]

Irish Cream Ales is a relatively new thing to me -
years ago, a mix of guinness and smithwicks ale (which isnt creamy - in ireland at any rate) produced a "Black & Tan"
which was something similar - but darker, naturally

sort of off topic :-\ the name smithwicks never made it to germany because it sounds like this

There's a locally produced Irish Cream Ale that's very nice, but my favourite is Kilkenny, which is apparently very similar to Mo........... er, Smithwicks. I *must* try a Black and Tan. Right, off to the liquor store! Actually, we keep getting ever more imported beers here and I'm pretty sure that I can get Smithwicks so will give that a try as well.

Mike, I'd say it'd be nice with any ale - I guess the mix was the origin of the "Cream ales" idea -
cause they never had creamy heads [way] back then
but I'm not sure...

:) Sláinte anyways :drinksmiley:


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