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Invalid docking layout stream header

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Okay. Thanks.

I have noticed since I did what was suggested in all previous posts, that now CHS no longer captures any of my clips. Once I make a copy  and paste, my clipboard is empty.
It has been since I did all of the steps from late April. I never noticed until the other day, when I tried to go back and get something I had done, and noticed there is NOTHING to get. NOTHING from no time.
Any ideas??
Thanks, a LOT.

Just reporting that I was consistently getting:
"Error EX54: Invalid docking layout stream header"
--- End quote ---
- at every CHS start, and it always displayed the default layout - not the last layout it had been shut down with. So the last selected layout was not "sticking".

I then did a search and found this discussion thread and fixed the problem thus:

* Shut down CHS.
* CHS is installed as "portable", so I went to the folder: C:\UTIL\Windows utilities\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\Clipboard Help+Spell\PresetViews
* There, I deleted all the files with names prefixed "Last".
* One of the files (I think it was Last.preset.dock) would not delete, so I used Unlocker to complete that task.
To check if the fix had worked:

* I then started CHS and it displayed the default layout and gave no error message.
* I selected one of my preferred layouts and then shut down CHs and restarted it.
* The last (preferred layout) was displayed, and no error message was given. - so the fix had worked a treat - thanks.

I think the error had started occurring following a bad system crash.

Hi Mouser,
I am getting this error again today. Just started again. I guess I wrote about it several years ago and I have not had or at least not been notified of it until just now when I started up my computer.
Yesterday I suspended the noises from Automatic Screen Shotter. Now, I do not see its icon in the taskbar.
When I booted up I received this message "Error EX54: Invalid docking layout stream header"
Invalid docking layout stream header

Oh, and Mouser, you helped me just a month ago, EXTENSIVELY with Automatic Screen Shotter. This is where the help began -- and then a LOT of email support. Thanks, again, Scott


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