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Invalid docking layout stream header

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Can I ask if you are using the portable version or normal installed version?

I am quite certain, I am using the normal, portable version. That is what I installed and I use the update feature and it would have updated only the normal version not to the portable version, correct?
I have only noticed this problem within the last month or so.
Should I uninstall and reinstall?

Try this:
Exit Clipboard Help+Spell.
Then find the directory where Clipboard Help+Spell stores its "PresetViews" folder. By default it is in MyDocuments\DonationCoder\Clipboard Help+Spell\PresetViews\
Then delete all the files in their starting with "Last."

If you keep getting this error, it may be that some security thing is preventing the program from saving its files where it thinks it should.  If so, one solution might be to UNINSTALL and DELETE the C:\ProgramFilesx86\ClipboardHelpAndSpell directory, and then either reinstall OR download the portable version and install it someplace where you store your files normally.

I deleted all the  files in the directory and rebooted the computer. I do not get the error anymore, however, it does not appear that  the program is saving my clips anylonger.

Now reinstall!


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