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Invalid docking layout stream header

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Ian E Martin:
I get an error popup whenever I start Clipboard Help & Spell - it has been happening for awhile, not sure if it started after last update or not - didn't seem to.

The error that pops up is "Invalid docking layout stream header".  Anytime I try to past from history, it does the same thing and pulls up the main window instead of the context window next to the cursor.

Any ideas?

sounds like something got corrupted in the PresetViews/ subdirectory.
try choosing a different View from the main Presets menu.  If that fails to solve it, you could try reinstalling on top of your current install (just exit from tray first), or email me ([email protected]) and i can try to help.

Ian E Martin:
Ahh... well at least that gave me a direction to go.  Selecting different views didn't help, neither did re-installing over the top.  What I did do which at least stopped the error popup was stopped the program, went to the PresetViews directory and noticed the Last.preset.dock file was timestamped about the time the issue started happening for me.  I renamed it to Last.preset.dock.old and restarted the program.  Viola!  Error no longer comes up.


thanks for the report Ian -- that's good to know for the future.  Perhaps I can add something to check for such a failure in the future and automatically delete the Last.preset.dock file if it gets messed up somehow (maybe computer reset while it was in the process of saving).

I am having this problem w/ a pop-up error when "Clipboard" loads..... ever since doing an update a couple of months ago... the remedy for the previous similar complaintant mentions does not seem to work....  Mouser, any new remedy you can suggest?   thanks, Jokimo


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