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The N.A.N.Y. Programming Challenge for 2008

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Only a few days left before NANY 2008 deadline!

Authors please create a new thread in this section of the forum (even if your program isnt ready for download yet), and include:

* title of your program in the topic subject (along with short description)
* describe the program
* attach a screenshot
* attach a download if it's ready -- message me for webspace if you want it!!
* or link to your website if you've put it on your own website

Web page:

The web page looks great mouser! Just needs an update on the Cody image for 2008 :)

Sorry I was a no show, ended up with a last minute paying gig.  So I'm not TOTALLY sorry . . . but a little sorry :D

Me too.. I had a family emergency  :(.  I still want to release the app, though... I've never released things other than for NANY here; what's the best way to do this?


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