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The N.A.N.Y. Programming Challenge for 2008

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The N.A.N.Y. Programming Challenge for 2008
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Calling all coders! Help us celebrate the new year in style by participating in the NANY challenge and writing a new small program.

Following up on last year's NANY challenge, and hot on the heels of our GOE challenge, and comes our annual "New Apps for the New Year" (NANY) 2008 challenge!

Your mission:

* Release a new freeware/donationware program of any kind, by Jan 1, 2008
* It must not have been released prior to Dec 6, 2007 -- that gives you about 3 weeks
What you get:

* A rare DC mug commemorative of the event (or any other object if you already have a mug)
* Fame and fortune (disclaimer: you will get neither of these)
We will put together a list of all entries just like we did with previous NANY and GOE.

ps. all coders are welcome, whether you hang out normally on DC or not, and whether you are a beginner or a professional coder.

Wish I had time this year.  Its such a cool idea and, IIRC, last years contest was written up in several places so applications got some good exposure.

I really wish there was a way for people to get some points, say ten points, and then "spend" them on the coding snack ideas. People could "spend" their points anyway they want. All ten on one idea, or six on one and four on another, or one point for ten different ideas, etc. This way we can determine which ideas have a wide fan base and then we can tackle the most popular ones first, providing the most benefit to the members. NANY challenges are a good example of why this would be useful. For example, I could hop on over there, see what are the top few and pick one, and than use that as my NANY project.

But I guess I will just have to pick something at random and hope it's popular.

If there are members that want to pitch their ideas to me, send me a PM and give me your sales pitch. Then get your friends to PM me if they also would use the program. If one of the programs shows me a large "fan base", maybe I will build it for NANY 2008.

What you get:

* Fame and fortune (disclaimer: you will get neither of these)-mouser (December 06, 2007, 04:55 PM)
--- End quote ---
;D Hope to see some cool new apps!

Just wanted to post to state my intention to participate.. I have a program I meant to do for GOE so this is my second chance  :up:


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