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Beta Testers Requested


I could really use some beta testing of this app by people with multiple browsers,
who are feeling brave.

i've done everything i know of to make sure that registry changes are safe, documented, anc backed up just in case. but i'd really like to get some preliminary reports from a friendly audience here before i release it into the wild so to speak :)

if anyone wants to try this who isnt a member, here is the download:

can't download. 404 error.

sorry i should have posted a follow up -
this program left beta a while ago and is now fully available for download, though new feature requests are welcome:

 ;D d'oh, sorry. I didn't see that it said '2005' and I guess the easter holidays are mixing the dates up, so I was thinking "wow, new beta today April 15 2006, yess!"

sorry 'bout that ;)


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