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Interruptron - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry

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Hi URLwolf,

I just installed your program, Interruptron, this afternoon.  I would like to know if it would take very long to make a way to browse for the programs that automatically stop the timer and chalk it up to an interruption?  I find it complicated to find the path to a program and would find it more user friendly to be able to browse and click.

In my work, I use the Internet, read the pages (often with a text-to-speech program), check references and write.  Your documentation says that the program assumes you're not working after a time you set has passed without activity on the mouse or keyboard.  I guess I will have to work out the time to set.  I guess that even when I am using text-to-speech, I am doing some mousing, so it will work out.  If I am looking up something in a reference book, will I be able to move the mouse periodically to let the program know I am working?

I am looking forward to using the program and watching my productivity.


PS:  The program I want to list in the automatic section is Free Cell.  I have not been able to find the path to it, but I can start it!  ;)

Marjorie: freecell should be at: C:\Windows\system32\freecell.exe

Thanks, that is where it is!

So, there's at least one user of the interruptron interested enough to make a video of it:

He says that the interruptron made him 300% more productive (wow!).
This is nice to find.

That is incredibly cool  :up: :up: :up: :up:


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