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Interruptron - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry

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Note: there are extensive docs, have a look. I'll post later a few tricks that I use to get the most out of it.

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One idea. Might me hard to implement (I have no clue what you can do with cell phones, if there's an API, etc).

It would be extremely cool if the interruptron chalked up one interruption every time your phone rings or you get an SMS!

I wonder if there's any web 2.0 service that provides an API for that. I.e., a function that sends a message (e.g. 1) when some cell number gets a call. I wouldn't be surprised.

That's an important source of interruptions for many people...

Do you know of any service like that?


Hello, I've installed your Interruptron program which has great potential.  Unfortunately, I can't get it to work at the moment.  In your documentation, the instructions don't match the example picture.  This makes it difficult to understand what is happening at what time.   So I'll ask you directly:  what is the function of the dropdown list box and the text box.  How should they best be used?

Next, I clicked on the 'start/pause' button several times while waiting 10+ minutes in both states ('X' and 'check symbol'), yet the three colored times don't change.  After a couple hours of playing with your program, the log file shows nothing as well.   How do I get the program to begin logging my activity?


Hi Ron,

I see where the problem is.
You have an on/off button and a start/stop keyboard shortcut.
This can be confusing... I'm taking notice.

As you start the interruptron, define a shortcut that is confortable for you (the default is alt + ctrl + s; I like alt z) in options > shortcuts.

Pressing this will start/stop the work counter.

The button you see works like a power (on/off) button. If you want to go for lunch, that's not an interruptron in itself; you can turn off the interruptron (using the red/green button, or another shortcut you define). You can turn in on after you come back.

Does this make it clearer?

Where do you find the instructions ot matching the example picture? Do you still find it confusing (the docs, I mean) after this explanation?

Hello urlwolf,

Thanks for clearing up that distinction between the button on the program and the keyboard control.  I now have your program counting down.  :)

As for the documentation, on page 4 of your file "Interruptron help page.doc", it says:

"For example, in the example picture, I have done one full 45-min working interval, and I have 28 minutes to go till the end of the next one. I have had an interruption of 7:22 minutes, and I have not taken my rest (the counter next to the green clock is zero)."

None of the pictures match the text of that paragraph.

Thanks for your help!


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