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AnotherOneDone - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry


My entry:

AnotherOneDone - v1.0.0

What it does:
Helps you keep track of your progress with a numerical goal, such as the amount of books you want to read, blog posts you want to make, batches of cookies you want to bake, etc.


* Autosaves the amount of your goal.

* Autosaves how many you have done.

* Calculates the remaining amount left to go.

* Copy info to clipboard.

* Progressbar.
* Stays on top.
* Minimizes to tray.
* Access to some controls from tray menu.

* Only tracks a single goal.

* Stores data to registry, so it isn't portable.
How to use:

* Enter the amount of your goal in the top box.

* Click the Set button.

* Each time you complete one towards your goal, click the Add 1 button.

* Once you have reached your goal, click Reset and begin again to set a new goal.

Download here


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