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Excalibur - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry Idea


I am currently working on a scriptable alerting/monitoring application which I will try to finish (be)for(e) the contest. I'm writing this to monitor servers, but you could use if to alert or monitor about anything, the weather, a meeting, etc,...

All objects (alerts, sensors, GUI objects,...) will be scriptable in python.

A (very early) screenshot below,... not too much to be seen on there, most stuff I worked on sofar is backend:

gothic and i have been talking for a while about the idea of a program like excalibur based on ideas that both of us had a while ago.. it's gong to be a wonderful tool if he can he get it working.

I see this was moved to it's own thread... Might want to move it to nany 2008(or maybe even 2009) :D
Since I didn't make the GOE challenge deadline

Newer screenshot:


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