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Hmmm, an element of reinventing the wheel here.-rjbull (December 05, 2007, 09:20 AM)
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That's fine by me. That application seems to be targeted at a different audience though. Mine is more to keep track of how many more shopping days until Christmas, or how many days until you need to test the pH of the pool again, or how many days it has been since you ordered a product online that is supposed to be shipped in 7-10 days.

The other application is a more extensive program for different kinds of scheduling.

Awesome! I like it.

It's great that you can use it for things like monitoring oil changes, toothbrush changes, etc. That's what I envisioned. GReat job!

Great utility. I want it but....

Doesn't seem to work on non-US time zones??? I'm in Thailand, and we set our dates as dd-mm-yy rather than the US format of month-day. I think that might be why HowLong2It comes up showing that every date is "-1" away. It doesn't matter if it is future or past, doesn't matter if the month is above 12 or not (I tried 5 January for example and it still showed as -1). I have seen apps before that didn't work with out-of-US time formats, so I'm guessing that is the bug.

I hope you can get some time to have a look at this. The app looks great. If you need screen shots to explain further, or need more info, feel free to mail.

Wanda Sloan
[email removed to prevent spam -- mouser, forum moderator]


Thank you for taking time to report this bug. I'll get that fixed ASAP.


Nice little program
I will have some uses for it but I am in the same boat as Wanda  :wallbash


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