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PlainTextWiki Toolkit - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry

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Hi Armando,

The short answer: no.

The long answer:

The PlainTextWiki tool is a simple command line program that searches for a wiki link in your text file and opens it in your editor.

As such, you need a text editor that supports external tools and can pass the required parameters to PlainTextWiki. (See the readme file for more info.)

MS Word or most other word processors won't be able to use this tool, because:

* They don't use regular text files.
* They don't support external tools.

I used a plain text wiki for a while. It was vim-specific (the name is viki).
It was fun while I was using a big arse text file for diary/todos... then I moved to onenote.

Thanks for the short and long answers, Arjen.  :)
Having a "wikiword script" for Word is one of these little things that I keep hoping will appear... ( ). It's not an obsession though... just something that looks like it would make a positive difference in my work flow.

If you like this you should have a look at


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