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SMAU - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry

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[Simple Multi-Alarm Utility]

Here's a program I made for the contest. Maybe not very creative, but I'm going to use it a lot!


Description of the program:

Some libraries might be needed to run it: Libs

It might still have a bug or two... :) should you encounter any, please try to reproduce it and tell me. Thanks!

Your suggestions are welcome.


Nice work blaster and tpreal! glad to see more people getting into the spirit!


I like the idea... I'm using remind at the moment, but I will have a look at SMAU...

Cheers  /jerome


When I try and run this it says it says could not find vcl100.bpl.

Thought you might like to know.


Peter McGovern

as tpreal says you may need to download that library zip linked to in his post.

but tpreal, why not build it as a static link so no one needs the libs.


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