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If you allready have db.mdb with records in it, leave it... Do not overwrite it with the new one....
--- End quote ---

this sounds like a real recipe for disaster..
maybe you shouldn't include it in the zip, or else use an installer which will not overwrite it if it exists.

Yes, but what about those who downloaded it for the first time?

I think this is not that dangerous... Just leave your existing db...

By dangerous i mean that i'm assuming if someone mistakenly overwrites their existing database, they will lose their entire collection of notes.  That is dangerous.

As for people who downloaded it for the first time.. a nice solution would be never include a starting database and have your program create it on first run if it doesnt exist.

Or, as i said, use an installer (Inno Setup is free and nice), which knows to only install the blank database file if it doesnt already exist.

Yes, I know, you are right...

Unfortunatelly , I do not have time to do it now... I'm in a middle of something...

Anyone is free to do it, if he wants to do it...
I do not remember i saw option to only install the blank database file if it doesnt already exist...?

inno lets you set for each file whether it should only be installed/copied if it doesnt already exist.


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