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Thank you... I'm glad you like it...

Wow!  Great work. 

It's a really simple idea, but I'd been sending lots of things to OneNote where they could be more or less available, but not so useful when all I wanted was to recall a particular keystroke or bit of info.

This is so much simpler and elegant!

Thanks so much.

Thank you.
I'm glad you like it  :Thmbsup:


downloading now the new version

I just suggest to edit the first of your messages to include THERE the link for the most updated version

I am wrong or there is no way to edit the notes ?

EDIT 14 /01

Hum i even try to open the db with PSPad hoping was possible edit the notes

may even be possible i may read them ....but i don't fill to attempt to do it, edit a couple of letter seems possible
but  change some lines seems  awkward


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