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I cannot find it....

oops, sorry, im new, i thought new posts were at the top   :-[

my suggestion, export and import records so you can share with friends, say just one record, or a few at a time, or a whole category, maybe as xml, whole category browse mode, and also online syncronization could be good.

p.s. will it run portably?

p.p.s. ITS GREAT!!! i have tried to do similar with stickes and stuff, but this searches and keeps it all in one place, also a suggestion from a friends, a minimode with an always on top function, so that you can add notes quickly, maybe if you dont select a category it goes into unfiled category, so you can add quicker, also less popups confirming when you add a note/help topic.

i see from the rest of thread that you are busy, maybe you could release the source code, or maybe things dont work like that on this site...

Hy to everyone!

after a month or two, I finally took some time to add some features you guys said you wanted this app to have...

-Blaster (January 22, 2008, 03:23 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks Blaster it looks good now.......thanks for the changes


Wonderful utility  :Thmbsup:
Makes it so easy to organise my notes


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