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 :) thank i needed something similar

Blaster, I *love* MyHelp; I use it all the time now. It makes it so easy to store all the tips I have (and new ones I find) for my programs, especially ones I'm still new to and learning (like MS Word--I finally had to switch over for the publishing industry, and iTunes, and other programs.

I know you said you don't have much time, so this might not be possible, but...I have a future update suggestion:

I'm hoping that you can make a way so I can export all the tips/files I have in MyHelp, so that I can easily 1) back it up, and 2) copy the info over to my desktop.

thanks so much for a great product!

Hey, PhotoComiX and raindew01,

Thank you for  nice words...

I'm sorry, I would answer you sooner, but the damn flu got me stucked to bed for a while...

wow, I'm really happy you all like MyHelp... I will definitely have to upgrade it...  :Thmbsup:

But, unfortunatelly time issue stays... I have so much things that needs to be done at work...


1) back it up -  you can do this just by backing up the "db.mdb" file...
2) copy the info over to my desktop. - You mean to copy some note to clipboard, or...?

thanks so much, Blaster. I'm glad there's a way to back it up. Knowing that, all i have to do is copy the db.mbd to put all the same notes in MyHelp onto my desktop.

I think it's perfect. :)

Hy to everyone!

after a month or two, I finally took some time to add some features you guys said you wanted this app to have...
To be honnest, I added some features I needed too  ;)

so, new version brings this:

-- Drop down list representing categories will now show all the categories without any need to scroll down in order to get to last ( 40 categories are shown automatically ) . This is something that bothered me most  >:(
-- MyHelp will now "remember" which categories you read most, and will order them in drop down list in that order. This is what I needed also
-- I fixed some minor bugs
A send/to clipboard option pertaining to the page in the viewer would be nice when you want to re-use the said items.
--- End quote ---

-- I added this too

this .zip contains db.mdb and .exe
If you allready have db.mdb with records in it, leave it... Do not overwrite it with the new one....

I did all of this with a great hurry, so I didn't have time to test it properly, but I don't think there will be bugs...

I uploaded new .zip because of a bug i found


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