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I'm finishing my new application which i originally started developing in order to save my time , and help me when learning some new things. I will probably participate with it...

Mouser, can we see official logo that will stand on our mug?  :)

Here it is...

I represent you my new application: MyHelp v1.0

Main purpose of MyHelp is to have a program that will store all the things that we cannot remember so easily.
First make a category ( or categories . for example: "C++" , "PHP" , "Mails" , "usefull codes" or any other category you would like to have ) and then make as many entries that belong to selected category.

This way you will have your own help system, or a reminder or something like it...

You can mark some entries as favorites, and easily get to them.

You can also perform a search in order to find some phrase in an entry tittle or entry body...

I often use this programme, for example to store some important information about certain projects at work ( each has it's own category) , or to store some often used or interesting code in some programming language ( again, each language represents one category) or to store my friens' emails etc.

HERE IS THE LINK TO NEWEST VERSION:;topic=11166.0;attach=26625

I like. RTF content (selectable) would be great.

thank you!  :)

maybe in some other version...  ;)

I *love* the sound of this program! It's so useful! Thank you for creating--and sharing--it. I've just downloaded it, and will give it a try. I have folders inside folders right now, and text files inside them, trying to organize different things I want to remember--tips for various programs, other things--so this feels immensely useful.


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