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@lanux128: the CFDButton_portable_setup.exe is just a self extracting archive, just extract it to the directory of your choice and run it from there, no install needed
-ChalkTrauma (December 06, 2007, 09:28 AM)
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great! got it.. :)

I'd like to see three separate icons: one for Favorites and one for Recent and one for Filter
(the way FileBox eXtender does it)
[and then add the menu items that lead to the GUI/settings of CFDButton to each - if useful]

I'd like to be able to define submenu's (like I am in FileBox eXtender)

btw, where does CFD in CFDButton stand for?  :tellme:

btw, where does CFD in CFDButton stand for?  :tellme:
-zzynx (December 07, 2007, 09:50 AM)
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Common File Dialog would make sense, would it not?

Awesome! I now can replace DM2 that interferes with ScreamerRadio. Because lately I just was using DM2 for this reason.

Can you please add the ability to give a name to Favs instead of long route?


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