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Timer Assist - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry


destiny_ruler: per mouser's suggestion, I am posting here my application which was made for a request on DC Forum:

I work at a hospital and have to chart the patient's vitals every 15 minutes after surgery. This has to be done at 15 past the hour, 30 minutes past the hour 45 minutes past the hour and on the hour.

I need a timer that will sound a user chosen wav file (some sounds can be irritating to recouping patients so one that is tolerable has to be used) on the 15's, display a user defined message that will only go away after acknowledgment and continue counting happily away without user intervention. That is it will alarm at the next 15 even if the message is not acknowledged.

Most timers will not auto continue after sounding an alarm and if the timer is started at 10 after the hour, will not alarm at 15 past but at the preset countdown time.
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To download, click: here.


Timer Assist - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry
Timer Assist - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry

The information is not very descriptive. Here goes the full feature list before you look into the main thread where the request for the application was made


Drag and Drop the wav file to the box.
Unicode Support for display message
Periodic Reminder (Bubble)
Sits in Tray
Stand Alone (no installer/uninstaller. Delete the single exe if you dont like it :P )
Close to Tray
Reminder Span Time of 10 Hours


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