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structured plaintextfile based note taker

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thanks, that is working, cedardoc.

it looks like the problem was just due to my copy of autohotkey needed updating (sorry about that).

nifty program idea anyway. now to try and make a habit of using it.

if anyone is willing, it'd be nice to make the script also work with notes outside of the containing folder, i.e. by using the standard paths for directories and files in windows.

What i'm looking for could already exist, but i'm not sure how to find it.

a notetaker app that opens and structures a series of textfiles in a folder structure. At the moment most people either use software like onenote or evernote to keep all notes together, or plain text files scattered over their system. What I am looking for is to keep the flexibility of plain text (being able to edit/copy/rename/sync the node anywhere), but with some organising features - just some kind of tree structure where every node is an actual plain text file. Not the proprietary or database format used by all notetakers.

Quicknote comes close (, but i just want to use my own textfiles in it, not use quicknote to create them then save them to text files.

I hope I make sense, please tell me if I don't :D
-justice (December 04, 2007, 06:02 AM)
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Sorry about the thread resurrection, but I was looking for the exact same thing.
I found a good one: minipad2. It's really plain text, but you can reorder the nodes in the tree freely. (I wish more file managers could do this).

The default is to store notes in a db. but one can have virtual nodes that are real files. Also dragging and dropping a folder will create virtual nodes for all files inside it.

I'm using ResophNotes now and I'm completely happy. You can switch from the default DB to plain text files if you want (but I dont) and you can sync them to SimpleNote (web based note taker) which I do, plus it can parse to markdown (/ html) which is very handy.

This is great for the occasional notes and stuff I used to have disorganised in evernote, and things that convert to html like installation instructions. Everything structural I have moved to now.

I am not sure if you would be interested in this, but it does give you an app with a tree structure that translates into a folder structure on your hard drive, with sets of plain text files. It is very easy to add/remove files from it without even running the application.

It's meant for source code snips and formats them according to file extension, but it works well for normal .txt files, too. It also has graphical support for all your image based diagrams.

One of the reasons why I use it is because I don't want all my code snips jammed into a database. It is much faster and easier to share one by grabbing the file and uploading it to a webserver when necessary.

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structured plaintextfile based note taker


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