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structured plaintextfile based note taker

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What i'm looking for could already exist, but i'm not sure how to find it.

a notetaker app that opens and structures a series of textfiles in a folder structure. At the moment most people either use software like onenote or evernote to keep all notes together, or plain text files scattered over their system. What I am looking for is to keep the flexibility of plain text (being able to edit/copy/rename/sync the node anywhere), but with some organising features - just some kind of tree structure where every node is an actual plain text file. Not the proprietary or database format used by all notetakers.

Quicknote comes close (, but i just want to use my own textfiles in it, not use quicknote to create them then save them to text files.

I hope I make sense, please tell me if I don't :D

Ralf Maximus:

UPDATE: Re-reading your request, the "using your own notes" requirement wouldn't fit in with a personal Wiki, or at least the ones I've played with.  You could cut-n-paste though.  The advantages would be the ability to hyperlink on-the-fly to other related ideas within your project.

Still might have merit, but doesn't meet your exact needs.  Sorry.

AM-notebook from “aignes” (the WebSite-Watcher developer -- member here) could be what you're looking for.

Each note is stored in a separate file and has lots of formatting possibilities to write clear and well designed notes.

--- End quote ---

But I wonder what fomat is used for the notes... RTF?

Do you want your notes to be kept tidily in one folder ? Or do you just need something to organize text files into a tree structure ? the second option is not hard to find : UltraRecall, MyBase, Surfulater or maybe even SQLNotes : just drag & drop your files there *as shortcuts* and organize them in a tree like structure.


But I wonder what fomat is used for the notes... RTF?
--- End quote ---

It's the native format of the component I use for notes -

But you can export all notes to RTF format (especially with version 5.0 which is currently in beta).

This is my first post, so please forgive any errors I make (or if I have misunderstood what is requested...)

There is an application I use a lot, which may be what you are after.  It is no longer in development, and has now been turned over to the community.  There are a lot of users out there who want this developed further, as it is a really nice bit of software.

It is called KeyNote, and the original web page is here:

It has been moved to, but nothing much has happened.

Take a look!



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