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FileBox eXtender now works under Vista

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Be aware that the file on their secondary server is the "old" 2.00.01, not the new .02

Edited because it now has been removed

This is one of the things I'd miss being 100% on linux.
My guess is that it'd be hard to port, since there are so many graphic libraries, window managers, etc.

That is really cool news that it's gone open source.  Now anyone have any ideas for features to add to it? -mouser (April 09, 2008, 12:16 PM)
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I am not asking for new features yet,... -Curt (April 10, 2008, 10:58 AM)
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- it is good that I remembered to add "yet". I wrote the author and explained my wish for Filebox eXtender to co-operate with QT Tabbar:

(...) I am also the happy user of QT Tabbar, and it saddens me that Filebox eXtender (FbX) always will open folders in a new window. QT Tabbar makes it possible to open all folders in tabs, and it would be so wonderful if FbX could co-operate with QT, so folders will open in tabs via the FbX also (...)
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His answer came today:

(...) I will consider it next time I work in FbX code. Please note that I also release all the source code of FbX on my web site. If you are by any chance a C++ programmer, or know someone who would be interested, I would welcome any improvements to that code!
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Many DC members are coders
and many DC members are using Filebox eXtender
and many DC members are using QT Tabbar

- but do we have any coders using both QT Tabbar and Filebox eXtender ??

FileBox eXtender version 2.01.00 is now available for download, updated Feb. 23, 2011

2011.02.23 Version 2.01.00
Claudio Nicora,, fixed the following for Windows 7:
* in Windows Explorer, selecting a preferred folder from FBX dropdown menu causes another instance of Explorer to start (correctly showing the selected folder)
* "Click-switch file box folder" feature does not work-hyperionics
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I did not realize that fBx was updated to work on Windows 7!

Thank you!



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