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RAM Use Pie Chart?

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Ralf Maximus:
Anyone know of a real-time resource monitor thingie (like Sysinternals Process Explorer) that displays the amount of RAM used by each process, but with a summary pie-chart?  I envision each process having a slice of the pie, the biggest slices going to the biggest resource hogs.

Anyone?  Anyone?


Plasma Man:
Hi Ralf,

I've seen something, somewhere that does this ... I don't have much time dig around but you could try:

1) search: "data visualization, RAM usage, Intel"
and play the search terms. You might get lucky.
Treemaps are all the rage - another option instead of Ye Olde Pie Charte. ;)

2) Quizz Russinovich  & Co @ the PE forum.

Could be interesting as an add-on.

Would be interested myself to demonstrate to my clients CPU + RAM usage in simple to understand pictures the sins of bad JAVA etc. Wishing you luck.

MmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmm.....pie.  :-*

The closest thing would be this feature that TuneUp Utililites' System Information has built-in:

You have to buy the entire suite, though. And too bad for Nighted, it's not edible.

Ralf Maximus:
Thanks, Plasma Man & Lashiec.

The TuneUp pie-chart looks interesting, but it appears to show only one process slice at a time.  I was hoping to pin down a particular process' memory hogging behavior by looking at the chart and the offender leaping out at me.

Oh well... I guess I'll go back to PE and keep doing what I've been doing: sort the "Working Set" column and try to catch the transgressor that way.

The pie chart would've just made me hungry anyway.


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