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Incredible tool, this......not too crazy about the name and the appearance, which leads to the main point.
Someone on forums (my home base) was asking for a clone of the Mac type-and-run application Quicksilver-
I realised there is nothing like this in the PC world until I happened upon FindRun Robot, at Softpedia.
I think your creation would be a major player in the desktop search market if it were as visually appealing as it was functional. It's a bit Windows 98 ATM.

Apart from that, it's brilliant.

thanks coolcatbad,

yeah the name is a bit lame.

i'm not a really big fan of skinning so that's probably not in the cards, though i'm certainly willing to entertain suggestions about how to make it look better.

i've got some new features that i need to add as well, as suggested by users of this forum, so please suggest away :)

i should note, that f&r does not actually search in the CONTENTS of files, just their names, so its not going to compete with the desktop search engines that can search insider the contents of files..

one other thing -
check the help file of f&r at the last page youll see a list of all the other related programs i've found - might want to check them out too :)

Hi there,

first of all I want to say I like Find and Run Robot very much.
The program is very fast and does it's job very well.

I was looking for a program like this for Windows after I saw
someone use Quicksilver on a Mac.

The first program I found was 'AppRocket' (
It didn't see this program in your helpfile. It's quite a good
program too but it's not free.

I agree with CoolcatBad that the interface needs some work to
make it more attractive.

Also it would be nice if Find and Run Robot would remember
it's last windowsize and position. I like it to stay at the edge of
my screen but everytime it pops ups in the center which is bit

Keep up the good work!  :)


it's definitely supposed to remember its size and position - i can imagine that would be very annoying if it didn't.
sounds like this may be a problem relating to it not finding its options.

i will add AppRocket to the help file.

i think that users of F&R have waited patiently for an update, and im just going to finish this latest program ive been working on and i will try to spend a few days tweaking F&R sometime in the next 2 weeks.

thanks for your patience everyone.


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