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Name the screensaver.

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Oh it's beautiful -- nice discovery and nice work tracking it down  :up:

How'd you track it down? :)-Eóin (November 29, 2007, 03:04 PM)
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Please don't laugh now - it only took two search attempts! I was really surprised to actually find anything ...
Eventually the words "linux screensaver art" did the trick in the Google picture search. But to be honest it was just plain luck. ;)

BTW, the screensaver is really nice!

PS: I was watching this forums for quite a while, but never found the time to register. But as i found the answer to your question i finally had to. - So it did pay off for me, too! ;)

I hope you continue to stick around elias.jott :)

With the name I found the original author together with a host of other beautiful examples of computer art at Gallery of Computation.

Actually the best screensaver I found some time ago was made by William Latham, a UK artist.  Alas, it stopped working on XP.

It was called organic art.

I really would like to find a working copy under XP...

that first one has a sort of a town plan meets Kandinsky feel to it

I love the second one, they're both really beautiful images though...


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