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Usenet/NewsReaders — suggestions?

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JP, how do you download and install one of the database engines? It keeps asking for authentication and ID/password info.
-zridling (October 08, 2005, 12:23 AM)
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Please expand a bit. Are you asking in reference to newsman pro which needs a database like mysql?

JP, yes with Newsman Pro. Whenever I go to download either the MS SQL Server DB or the MySQL DB, it wants login/pw authentication info I can't provide, making the product inaccessible for now.

Veign/Carol — I used OE for years as a newsreader and it works well. It's simple, fast, and familiar.

I still need to start beta testing Vista a bit more to see what the next version of OE is like.  Actually going to fire it up now and see...

Go Chris go!

You should not get prompted for a login/password to download mysql.
Try softpedia maybe:


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