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Usenet/NewsReaders — suggestions?

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thanks jpfx i'm going to check out newspro.

Carol Haynes:
OE craps html into usenet and should be banned.
-jpfx (October 06, 2005, 07:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not on my machine it doesn't.

Granted the default for posting should be plain text.

The only thing I think OE really needs are a bit more flexible rules and views - otherwise so long as you stick to text only, and block scripts (run it in restricted mode) and run in newsreader only mode it is fine for most people. There is also a lot of great support out there too via the MS usenet groups and site like

interesting chart comparing newsreaders:

JP, how do you download and install one of the database engines? It keeps asking for authentication and ID/password info.

I am also an Outlook Express user.  Works well for me and I spend alot of time in newsgroups.  Tried others but always find myself liking the OE interface and functionality - might be a case of 'use what you know'.


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