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Best password manager?

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Best password manager?Am looking for 'the best password manager' software. I'm currently using Keepass, but I know of a few others and I'm wondering what your experiences are and what the essential features are for 'the best' one. What I like about keepass is the cost& the portability of the password file. However I'm not impressed with the lack of integration with the various programs and i still find it cubersome to add all my passwords in (so I don't use it for everything which defeats its purpose). I was recommended Steganos Password Manager but couldn't find any experiences here. If it's not easy to use then it's not getting used as far as I'm concerned.
What password manager do you use and what are your experiences?

Password managers I know about (
If I missed out your favourite then let us know and I'll add it to the list.

* Keepass
* Steganos Password Manager
* AlPass
* Roboform
* Password Corral
* Software that can be used for this purpose but not specifically made for it, such as fSekrit, and many others...
Related DC Forum topics i found

* Roboform2go or sticky password?
* Keepass Password Safe mini-review
* Windows Passwords
* Looks like KeyPass, is named KeyPass, but is not... oops, I can't read... sorry
* Do you use a password manager? if not, maybe you should

One of those threads mentiones Darn! Passwords!, which is said to be good, and now owned by Thornsoft.

Nice post -- i love how you added the list of related dc threads.  :up:

Personally i use and love Roboform for web logins and filling out web forms but don't use it (not sure why) for other general purpose password storage.

Nothing to discuss here in my opinion.

RoboForm is the best. The end.

Perry Mowbray:
My first was PINs for many years.

Then moved to KeePass briefly.

Finally settled on RoboForm and then RoboForm2Go: now I can't live without them  :-*  :-*. Have it based at home and sync'd onto my USB stick for work.

RoboForm is hard to beat, it just does everything with a great deal of ease. Definitely worth the money!


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