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IDEA: Mirror portion of multi-monitor

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I use software that displays the work environment on my main monitor (which is one application window) and a presentation display on my second monitor (which is a second application window).  With the presentation display on the second monitor activated, I can start typing the ID of an image I want to display with the text I am typing displayed in the bottom right corner of the presentation display.

Is it possible to create an application that would allow me to mirror just the bottom right corner of my presentation display in a small window on my main display so that I would not have to look at the second monitor to see what I am typing?  I cannot tell you how helpful such an application would be in my daily work.  Thanks!

Maybe ShowOff by Skrommel could be modified to work for you?


I'm not 100% sure what the real uses for this would be, but a nice generic solution would be a program with 2 "regions", or rather a window and a region selector.  The window could be placed and sized as desired, and would display the contents of the selected region, which could be moved anywhere.

So basically this is like a "magnification" tool, except that it can before enlargement or reduction, and doesn't follow the cursor, but rather shows the content of a selected region on your screens.

I wouldn't be surprised if such a program didn't already exist.. if someone finds it (or writes it!) please post.

Could be useful for given presentation talks, etc.

Hey Mouser, you got the right idea. I was getting some screenshots and confirming that the built in magnification tool in Windows would do this. While I was away you posted.

Here is the key piece of info.


Start the Magnifier (Win + R | type in "magnify" | <enter> ) and then move the Magnifier Settings over the spot you want to watch (since at this point it is following your mouse) and then uncheck the "Follow mouse cursor" box. then uncheck follow keyboard and follow text editing as well. Then minimize the setting dialog. At this point, it will stay where you left it and you can position the magnified view on the other screen. I am doing this as I type this reply.

Pretty neat! And I can see the value of such a tool. However, when I do as tinjaw has suggested it works fine UNTIL I right click on something/anything. Then the focus of the magnified area goes to the place where I've right clicked or the top of the context menu which that may have launched.


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