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IDEA: Grouper


Maybe there is something like this out here already that I just didn't figure out yet, but this request is because I can't find it  ;)

What I am looking for is a small program, preferrably portable, that I can use to choose buttons to group.  Windows allows you to group similar items (e.g. all IE programs into a group), but it is all or nothing.  I want to do the same thing, but I want to choose what gets grouped together.  Moreover, since I choose what gets grouped, I would like it to be anything, not just similar items.

Extra points for groupings getting user programmable hotkeys to auto switch an entire group to the desktop, though this is certainly a feature addition and not a core request item.

One key to note here - I need this mostly for work, which means no administrative rights, though I do have USB access (for now anyway), hense the portable request.

I think you're looking for something very similar to GroupBar ;)

Very interesting...It does indeed look very close to what I was looking for.  I will give it a shot and post back any issues I find.


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