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FastKake - create a ton of useful shortcuts to do things - Great with FARR


Freeware Genius reports on a free program called FastKake which basically just creates a bunch of shortcuts to do things on your computer (log off, start screensaver, etc.).

As a commenter on a lifehacker post about FastKake points out, such short cuts are *perfect* for using with a launcher like our own Find and Run Robot (FARR) and others, since you can search for them so easily.

just noticed this cool link! there is a similar collection of shortcuts here: Wis Shortcuts

I've been "preaching" for my shortcuts to everyone who would lend me an ear.
So if you are reading this without me bending your arm behind your back I'm very happy:-)
And if you have any hint, suggestions or improvements I would be very happy to hear from you.

Aprox 3 years ago I found the description of how to execute shortcuts by adding their path
to the Path system variable.(Main idea taken from
Since then I have collected over 260 shortcuts!
Most of them very special and only useful for me, but here I have extracted the most useful one
and the ones that are most portable to other computers.
The highlights of my shortcuts:
gt <search term> - Google This; Opens Google searching for <search term>
ggt <search term> - Groups Google This, same as above but opens
go (clipboard) - Runs what ever you have in clipboard. Example: Copy an url to clipboard and
   win-R go and you will open Internet Explorer at the url in your clipboard
   Example 2: If you have the full path to an excel document, then just win-R go to open the
ie <url> - opens Internet Explorer at the given url
lex <search term> - Opens wikipedia searching for <search term>
pf - opens Program Files folder
rj (clipboard) - Opens regedit with focus on the reg-key in clipboard

In the package I have added a few of my everyday tools, all(as far as I know) is freeware.
The tools is not my creation and if you find that they should not be in the package let me know
and I'll remove them.(Later I might add credit and reference to the respective homepages...)
I guess some of the tools will be outdated in a few months(especialy the sysinternals tools
that is updated regulary) and I strongly advise you to update the tools every now and then.


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