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authorPOINT Lite Reviewed


Basic Info

App NameauthorPOINT LiteApp URL Version Reviewed2.0.27.907Supported OSesWindows XP - Not Tested Under VistaSupport MethodsHelp Topics, E-Mail given on Help page, ForumUpgrade PolicyFree, you can upgrade to authorPOINT for $299, educational discount availablePricing SchemeFree, as above, you can upgrade to a more advanced versionReviewer Donation LinkDonate to dhuser, the Review AuthorRelationship btwn. Reviewer and Product None

As stated above, the version reviewed is the Lite, Free version. You can, but are not obligated or required to upgrade to the Pro version, will some additional features. This program is free.


authorPOINT Lite is a program designed for converting PowerPoint files to flash files, to be deployed on the web, or  to anyone who does not currently own PowerPoint. It includes a few templates and layouts, show below:

authorPOINT Lite Reviewed
authorPOINT Lite Reviewed
authorPOINT Lite Reviewed
authorPOINT Lite Reviewed

Who is this app designed for:

This application is designed for users who wish to deploy their PowerPoint presentations to the web or want to share their presentations with others (who do not have PowerPoint, or not using a PowerPoint viewer). Also, the Save for web feature in PowerPoint, generates pages that only function correctly in Internet Explorer.

The Good
- Easy to use interface
- Manage all of the converted presentations in one interface (left pane)
- Keeps all animation effects that were applied
- Context menu added in Windows Explorer for PPT files

The needs improvement section
- To find the files to upload to web, you will have to navigate to: C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\authorGEN Projects - no direct way to see the files.
- No way to edit the individual colors of objects in the program

Why I think you should use this product
This program is easy and should be sufficent for most users.

How does it compare to similar apps
It offers many of the same features, although other programs allow better editing of skins and colors.

All in all, a great program with many useful features. Rating 4 (out of 5, 5 being the best)

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Thanks Dhuser for the informative review.

Fist I misunderstood the pricing (but the reviewed version is free) - now that makes it even more interesting.

Thanks for the mini review  :up: :up:

I edited the top of the review to clear up any confusion - see the top of the review in red.


Nice review, dhuser  :Thmbsup: - I *swear* I had already posted to that effect, but no matter. Dropped back in here to note (don't know why I didn't make the connection earlier) that Flashspring Pro is a similar product that costs many times more than free and several times more than the shareware version of authorPoint. Note, though, that Flashspring Pro has been featured on twice already (v.1 and v.2) and has just gone to a new version (3), so watch for it to be featured there again. I've used and it works well. However, it doesn't offer the option of uploading the resulting flash file, which is a nice touch, especially given that it's a free service. I suppose this means that you have to be careful about posting any presentation that contains copyrighted material, though.


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