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Procrastination Flowchart

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Ralf Maximus:
Courtesy of Buy My Drink comes this terrifyingly accurate (in my experience) flowchart.  I plan to start my day navigating its serpentine twistiness.  Soon.


Ralf, that is actually from a consulting company that did a cognitive task analysis of my workday under a  DARPA grant.

hahahaahahah.  ;D

I'm in the loop right now.
According to the chart, to get out of this loop I'll need to spend a significant amount of time IN the loop.
Let's see : it's 2 am... Should I be done in an hour? Is that really significant ?
Hmmmm. Well. Considering I have a cold and should already be in bed to be able to work efficiently on monday, I'd say yes.
Time for a snack?


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