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Volume control by time

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Does anyone know of/can make a small utility that changes the volume based on time? I'm thinking for use in school... Muting my computer before each class what I would use it for. I set up a simple system that used autohotkey to mute the computer and was run via scheduled tasks. That worked, but took a while to set up and was not easily changeable.

If anyone can help, this should be simple (although incredibly useful).


Ralf Maximus:
Clarification, please: you mean mute according to time-of-day with a schedule?

Do you mean having like a list to "mute at: time1, time2, time3,time,4..." and "unmute at: time6,time7,time8,..." which would be executed every day at those hours?

Yeah that's actually pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. Just something to compensate for my horrible memory (the same reason it took me so long to post something here...)

I found a very interesting and potentially useful freeware program NirCmd:
It can change volume (changesysvolume or mutesysvolume parameter). If you want it to run it at some given times and on given days (like monday to friday only), you could try using [SMAU]:


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