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FARR C# SDK and Documentation V2 (19/10/2008)

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NullReferenceException is a .NET exception. What did you copy to FARR plugin directory?
Did you make your plugin directory with both the wrapper and your plugin inside?

Yes I copied both the wrapper and my plugin. I also got the exception (without my plugin folder) by simply dublicating the FARRAltTab plugin folder.

Sincerely JP

Hmm. Well. Unless you can debug it yourself, send me the files, see if I can reproduce it :)
I'll PM you my gmail.

While we're on the topic :)
Updated the AltTab source plugin to the current latest version (1.15) and updated the SDK. The only thing that got added is an option to send to FARR callback commands (e.g change the status bar).

I wanted to update potential developers on the status of the SDK.

Currently there is an issue with the amount of C# plugins you can put to FARR directory. The reason is that each FarrRCW.dll is .NET assembly and they are all identical in .NET sense (same identity). Basically it means that for every C# plugin there must be a unique RCW dll (and not just a copy as I thought).

Now, recompiling the RCW dll is relatively easy process (rename project & recompile) however, not everyone have C++ compilers and I am aware that many programmers out there never did anything beside C# and possibly don't have anything that can compile C++ installed. I still hope I can find a way to let anyone just change the RCW dll identity without any additional tools as the only other alternative I see now, is forcing people to recompile SDK everytime they want to develop a plugin.

In the while, if you have a plugin you want to develop, simply remove FARRAltTab from your plugins during development process so you'll always have only one C# plugin. If you want to publish it, let me know and I'll send you a unique RCW dll.

Hope it will get solved soon :(.


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